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Aotearoa’s peak body representing the exercise industry

We represent our nation’s exercise industry, who collectively bring the benefits of exercise to over half a million members, and contribute over $500 million to the NZ economy. We are committed to supporting the industry through advocacy, resources, standards and education.

What do we actually do?

We support those that provide exercise services to the public, while also encouraging more kiwis to be physically active through exercise.

We offer memberships with structured support to navigate the complexities of business, as well as information, research and ideas to grow the industry through our education events, expert guidance, and toolkits of dedicated resources.

On top of all of this we advocate on behalf of the industry with the media, government and the public.

How we work (and play)

We’re a non profit membership body, and anyone operating in the exercise industry or a supporter of our objectives can join us. By joining us you ensure that we can continue our work for the industry through our 3 main benefits below.

Our three core pillars are Advocacy, Support and Growth.

We not only support the exercise industry directly, but we also bring benefits to the public and community too. For first time members we offer a subsidised gym membership – available at hundreds of facilities nationwide.

As a part EXNZ Whānau, we support two other organisations:

The Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) – the quality tick for exercise professionals.

Yoga New Zealand (Yoga NZ) – for yoga and by yoga, supporting the yoga community of teachers, studios and training providers.


We believe that exercise really is the magic pill of wellness, and we want to bring the benefits of exercise to more kiwis.

For those who work within the exercise industry, get onboard and help us on our mission of getting more kiwis exercising.

For the public, our message is clear – join an exercise provider (gym, studio or trainer/teacher) so you too can safely receive all the benefits of exercise.

For your safety, we recommend using a facility/trainer that is registered with REPs, and for Yoga Studios – a teacher that is a member of Yoga NZ.

Who is EXNZ?

We are a non profit membership organisation governed by a board elected by our members

We have over 650 facility members and 3,500 individual exercise professionals registered with REPs. Collectively this represents over 75% of the exercise industry in New Zealand.

We are governed by a board elected by our members, which reflects the diverse nature of the exercise industry, as well as providing the strategic direction and governance for the organisation.

Together ExerciseNZ, REPs and YogaNZ form an exercise industry collective – supporting businesses, individuals and exercising communities to grow and thrive in New Zealand.

Our Goals

We wouldn’t be in the business of exercise without a few goals.

To support the sustainability of NZ’s exercise industry

We are here to support those offering exercise services – from gyms and studios, to trainers and teachers. Through our membership offering we are trying our best to give you the help you need to help grow your exercise business.

If you operate and work in the exercise industry then we believe in working together. If we focus on the big picture industry issues, you have more time to focus on your business and thus for your clients – so we can collectively build and grow a sustainable industry.

To cultivate a safe, inclusive environment through the development & enforcement of the industry standards

Standards form an important part of providing a safe environment for the New Zealand exercising public. We provide best practice guides, regulate a code of conduct and operate the registration system for exercise professionals – REPs. We also support Yoga New Zealand, who operates standards for yoga teachers, studios and training.

See our complaints page for more information if you have an exercise related complaint.

To grow participation in structured physical activity

We really believe in the power of exercise and want to bring its benefits to as many people as possible. We work with Government, Media, and of course the exercise industry to advocate, promote and facilitate more opportunities for kiwis to partake in safe, structured physical activity/exercise.

Strategic Plan

In order to achieve our goals, allocate our resources and manage our time effectively the board put together a Strategic Plan in 2019. We have continued our purpose and strive to help all New Zealanders achieve their best not only as businesses but as individuals and achieve Growing participation in structured exercise. You can download this Plan below to see what drives us, what our overall direction and purpose is.

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