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October 2021

1)  The Issue

Under the proposed Level 3 staged re-opening of Auckland, we are led to believe that exercise facilities (gyms, yoga studios, dance schools, and PT studios) are excluded until we reach level 2. We are awaiting written confirmation from the government on this.

This would mean that at step 3 of the new staged reopening of Auckland, we would have a scenario where social gatherings of up to 50 can take place, bars and restaurants can open with no masks, yet exercise facilities with 2 metre distancing can not operate.

2) Our Response

We strongly disagree with having exercise facilities excluded from the 3 steps at Level 3 – this would have a massive negative public health outcome. We have already contacted the Prime minister, Deputy Prime minister (who is also Minster of Sport and Recreation), the Minister of COVID-19 and the Minister of Health. We have outlined our concerns and sought urgent clarification that gyms and exercise facilities can open at some stage within Auckland’s three step plan (we have suggested step 2, along with Museums and pools). 

We will also be providing this evidence to the media – we have already gained TV coverage that can be seen here – www.eanz.nz/amshow

3) What can you do?

We encourage you to email as many MPs as you can, especially any MPs you know personally. We have drafted a message to send them, that includes links to relevant evidence and research.

It’s important we all say a similar message, and we  encourage you to keep to the two key points:

  • Exercise CAN be safe with the right protocols.
  • Exercise is part of the solution to keeping people out of hospital with COVID-19.

The drafts below have two versions, one for Government MPs (Labour/Greens) that encourages them to contact ministers, and one for opposition MPs (National, ACT, Te Paati Maori) that encourages them to ask questions in Parliament.