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We believe in bringing the benefits of exercise to as many people as possible. One way we do this is by promoting exercise, in all its forms and modalities, through the New Zealand media, as well as advocating for the role of exercise in wellness and health. See below for examples of our recent work.

August 2021

Level 4 Covid-19 Q&A session Hosted by Richard Beddie, CEO ExerciseNZ

27 August 2021

Level 4 Covid-19 Q&A session Hosted by Richard Beddie, CEO ExerciseNZ

19 August 2021

July 2021

Low volume high intensity training excellent for cardio health

29 July 2021

Te Whanganui-a-Tara – High intensity interval training, even as short as four minutes, can be just as beneficial as longer more gentle exercise, if the intensity is high enough, ExerciseNZ chief executive Richard Beddie says……

Exercise more important for mental health since covid – survey

28 July 2021

Otautahi – Exercise is hugely more important for people’s mental health since covid arrived 16 months ago, according to a major new ExerciseNZ survey…..

Covid survey shows Kiwis have gained tonnes of weight

16 July 2021

Otautahi – A key statistic from the ExerciseNZ study shows that Kiwis have gained 2.8 million kilos, or 2 819 tonnes, of weight in the last 12 months…..

Physical Activity can counter effects of lack of sleep

7 July 2021

Otautahi – ExerciseNZ today endorsed new research which shows physical activity and good sleep work together to counter negative health effects of poor sleep….

June 2021

Regular Exercise Decreases Risk of Catching Covid-19

30 June 2021

Otautahi – New research has found regular exercise makes the covid vaccine more effective and boosts immunity….

May 2021

Yoga NZ links with High Commission of India in NZ

24 May 2021

Tāmaki Makaurau – Yoga New Zealand and the High Commission of India in New Zealand have connected and are intent on developing a deeper relationship with international yoga day as the common ground…

Long Covid-19 fatigue reduces with exercise, new research shows 

18 May 2021

Otautahi – ExerciseNZ fully supports a UK study which has suggested regular exercise can improve the recovery of people with lasting symptoms of Covid-19…

Keeping kiwis safe when exercising is important to us 

7 May 2021

Pelaton, the company famous for its stationary bikes, has had to recall 120 thousand treadmills over safety concerns…

April 2021

Adults should exercise more than they think

30 April 2021

Otautahi – New research from the University of California San Francisco has found people need to exercise much more than first thought…..

Tomorrow: World health day to help health, poverty and insecurity

6 April 2021

Otautahi – Tomorrow is world health day which is more significant for New Zealanders than ever before as the global covid pandemic pushed more people into poverty, food insecurity and amplified social and health inequities……

March 2021

Drink coffee to accelerate fat-burning before exercise

26 March 2021

Christchurch – Great news for coffee-loving New Zealanders who enjoy exercising……

Exercise boosts blood flow to the brain, latest research finds

26 March 2021

Christchurch – new study has found that exercise may help older adults by slowing the onset of memory loss and dementia…….

World Sleep Day – Crucial for people’s wellbeing

16 March 2021

Christchurch – Friday is world sleep day and sleep is just as important for wellness as exercise and nutrition……

February 2021

New research shows benefits of exercising in Groups

25 February 2021

Christchurch – Exercise has always been important and the latest research from the United States confirms the extra benefits of socialising in group activities, ExerciseNZ chief executive Richard Beddie says.

Guide to fitness by someone who hates exercising

23 February 2021

Glenn McConnell – Stuff Journalist

ExerciseNZ wants to meet PM over kids activity and mental health

4 February 2021

Christchurch – Schools are reopening after the summer break and ExerciseNZ wants to see greater efforts to address the serious fact of New Zealand having some of the least physically active children in the world, resulting in high levels of obesity and other health conditions.

January 2021

Older Kiwis must get fitter before Covid vaccine

21 January 2021

Christchurch – New Zealand’s exercise industry is supporting the rollout of the covid-19 vaccine and protecting the people most vulnerable….

Chronic stress due to Covid-19 pandemic

10 January 2021

Christchurch – Richard Beddie ExerciseNZ CE talks with Magic Talk on the stress caused by the Covid-19 pandemic…

Kiwis leap into exercise in 2021

6 January 2021

Christchurch – ExerciseNZ chief executive Richard Beddie says people wanting to exercise again after the long holiday break should start gently with less intensity….

Trends and Activity advice for 2021

4 January 2021

Christchurch – Many Kiwis are suffering chronic stress because of the impact of the covid pandemic, a leading New Zealander exercise expert says….